Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Meditations: Upon a Natural Composition

Image taken by me, October 2011, Clarendon, QC

I'm finding a passion for photographing my countryside.  It's complimenting my passion for painting.  I think it's all about what I see in my world.  When I had some pictures critiqued this summer, one of the things my mentor pointed out was my natural sense of composition.  I'm not sure where I get that sense from, but creating a sense of balance in my artistic compositions has always come easily to me.

Sometimes families don't make such natural compositions.  And sometimes, some families have colours which clash so loudly they can't be on the same canvas.  Not so much the one in which I live.  The above picture is of my uncle's farm.  Although not always close, my aunt, uncle, cousins and I have managed to find that natural composition that works.  It's a little zany at times, and there are definitely dark corners and crevices, but that's what makes it mine.    

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