Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Meditations: Upon Responsibility

One of my friends said today that her son wished he could be a chicken (they raise chickens, so it's not a stretch of the imagination for him) because then he wouldn't have to go to school or church, or any of the other responsibilities that children have.  I was thinking before beginning this post that I'd really like to be a cat.  Nap when I want to, purr when I'm content, hiss at things to show my displeasure... the list of positive attributes goes on and on.

Essentially, wishing such wishes is wishing away our responsibilities.  We have roles to fulfill that are part of us from the moment of our birth.  Some of us are called to be teachers, parents, politicians, physicians, drivers, community activists, environmental advocates, or maybe simply the homeless person on the street reminding everyone that we all begin similarly, and can either aspire or squander.  

Do I really wish that I could be a cat?  Some days, sure.  And I know that we have all had those moments when we'd like to shut our eyes, curl into a ball, and put off our responsibility until another day.  Feeling that way is a natural part of having responsibilities.  But setting my duties aside doesn't fulfill my soul's destiny.  Neither will it do yours.  And it is in achieving that which we are meant to do that makes us truly whole.

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