Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Meditations: Upon When Your Past Comes Crawling Back... for Forgiveness?

Image by notes in june

There are so many metaphors and similes and hyperbolas to use in a case like this... I really don't know which one is best!

I was treated rather badly by some people in the early summer, and out of the blue I hear from them today.  It makes me wonder about karma, Trojan Horses, divine intervention, etc and so on.  It also makes me wonder about my capabilities to forgive.  When all this was going about, someone very close to me said: "and now you know to never treat anyone else this way because you know how it feels."  That piece of advice has resonated within me and has governed my actions since.

I suppose I had forgiven these people shortly after it happened - I just went on with my life and became better for having dealt with the situation rather gracefully, I must say.  But have I looked at life with the same old sense of optimism - the basket half-full?  That, I am not sure.  When people treat you badly, you can still find forgiveness, but it is very difficult to shake that sense of mistrust that is left behind.  Perhaps the most appropriate cliche in this situation is to "proceed with caution?"

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