Saturday, November 5, 2011

The 100-Mile Diet by Alisa Smith & JB MacKinnon

I had been wanting to snap this up for a while, and when I saw it at the local library, I couldn't wait.  So I bumped it ahead of some other books I've been working on.  I read Locavore this year as well, which is also about eating locally and supporting local farming initiatives, so the concept if the book wasn't new, but the  author's perception was fresh.  Imagine going on an intense, year long traveling adventure with your partner.  Imagine all the scrambling you'll have to do to make your budget stick, carry light luggage, figure things out when it all goes to hell... that's kind of what this couple did.  Except they didn't go beyond a 100-mile radius (except in the summer when they went to their summer cottage in Northern B.C.  Sure they had fights, sure it was tough, but the appreciation they feel for the land around them is intense.  The awareness of the land that supports them is intense.  I recommend this to all Canadians.  It's an important concept for our future.

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