Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Artful Wednesday: Laura Muntz Lyall

I first discovered this artist when I found a print of the first painting below and framed it for my mother.  It still hangs in the upstairs hallway.  I love the tenderness in Lyall's faces.  Like the other painters I've been featuring on Wednesdays, Lyall focuses on women, motherhood, and children.  She was born in England, but her family came to Canada when she was still quite young and settled in Muskoka.  She did go back to Europe to study painting in Paris, and returned to set up her studio in Toronto.  She was also the first female, Canadian artist to receive recognition outside of Canada after she exhibited in Chicago and Paris.  Her painting career ended, however, after her sister died and she had to take care of her children.  Lyall died in 1930, only a few years after her sister.

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Alexandra Schinas said...

Hey, what's the name of the third painting? Thanks