Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Artful Wednesday: Taking My Painting to Bed

I guess you could say that part of my process is taking my paintings to bed.  Not literally, of course.  That would be both uncomfortable and potentially hazardous to the painting considering how my cat likes to lie on the books on my bed.  Rather, I like to prop the painting up on a table across my bed and stare at it.  I do this while the painting is in progress, not only once its finished.  I like the painting to be the last thing I see before I turn out the light, and the first thing I see in the morning.  It helps me gain perspective.  Sometimes I see different things from this vantage point than I would if it were still on the easel.   And I think, most of all, it lets me reflect on what I've learned.  Each new painting teaches me something.  This painting taught me that I can actually paint ears.  Taking the time to reflect on that lesson helps me keep in my my head for the next time I attempt something difficult - it's like stored up encouragement - and that way, even when the painting is gone to a different home, it keeps on giving.

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