Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sassy Saturday: A Little More Paint on the Brush

I'm just in from the barn chores, smell like all things indescribable, but I just have to post my latest Farm Silhouette painting.  It's not exactly like the photo version - the barn silhouette isn't in the original - but I like it this way.  I loved how the sky looked that evening, and I have the original picture hanging in my kitchen.  My mother gave me the window - she said that she's been holding onto it with no ideas for it.  Luckily the empty panes are the perfect size for the canvases I had!

I've posted the painting on Facebook, and also mentioned that it's for sale.  The last picture had a lot of interest, but it was already for someone.  I'm hoping that this one will find a home too!

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