Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday: A Lesson in Grace

image by iofdi

There is a certain grace associated with standing alone with your ideals, your head held high, and keeping your mouth silent when all else around you seems to be stirring.  When something not particularly nice happened to me, I did nothing but delivered it to God and went on with my life.  Well, conducting myself with grace has paid off.  Someone apologized to me, and after a really open and honest discussion, we've decided to work together again.  It was a terrific feeling.  It felt as if the Holy Spirit took charge, took it out of my hands, and inspired everyone involved to come to a resolution.  

It's a beautiful, beautiful feeling.  And I think it inspires a lesson for everyone.  The world is not tit for tat.  I say this to a lot of people when they grumble about: "if she treats me this way, then I'm just going to turn around and do...."  I know you've all heard some sort of variation on this theme.  But you know what?  Say it with me: the world is not tit for tat.  It just doesn't work.  It creates dissent.  It creates discord.  But when you turn away  from unsolvable problems with grace, something happens inside you.  That grace stays in you, and then it radiates outward.  And then everyone benefits from it.  It's a beautiful, beautiful feeling.

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