Friday, December 9, 2011


Current guilty pleasure: Miss Vicky's plain potato chips

Current colour: sunset orange

Current playlist: a really cool band called 'The Civil Wars' 

Current read: the usual 4 or 5 books on the go at once - Olive Kitteridge, The Lost Hours, Smart Cookies Guide

Current drink: ginger ale with cranberry juice

Current food: tuna sandwiches... I know, it's not that exciting 

Current favorite show: I'm still loving Bones.  Been watching since the first season.

Current wish list: camera... something digital SLR... hoping it might be under the tree

Current needs: sleep, and maybe more time to paint

Current triumphs: my recent run on painting creativity

Current bane of my existence: driving in the dark

Current celebrity crush: Rich Terfry - host of CBC Radio 2's Drive

Current indulgence: reading on my lunch break

Current blessing: my work schedule leaving me with Friday's off!

Current outfit: pajamas

Current excitement: a bit of Christmas shopping

Current mood: tired and wired

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