Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sassy Saturday: Painting Intuitively

I haven't had a lot of formal training in painting with acrylics.  It's something I've done through trial and error, but mostly something I've done intuitively.  

I started this painting, and I was planning on doing the same sort of farm silhouette I've been painting lately, except I'd use the fox-tails as the focus.  Once I got going, the fox-tails felt so bland.  They couldn't just be black.  I took some brown and made more in the background.  I took some black and brown and made a foreground.  I took some orange and made some highlights.  All this was done, and then I stood back and wondered how I knew to do that.

Well, I'm on to other ideas next.  I have two window frames that have two, small window panes in each, so I'm going to go back to farm silhouettes again.  I'm sure I'll know what to do.

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