Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sassy Saturday: So I'm Not a Crazy Cat Lady

I always thought I wanted lots of cats in my home.  I love cats.  Really love them.  And look at this guy - what's not to love???  With that little black patch under his chin, and the fact that he cuddles like nobody's business, he's just perfect.  And yes, he is perfect.  Just not perfect for me.

I kept Toby for a week.  I loved his loud purr, and his cute personality, but I was having a hard time spreading the love... and my other cat could tell.  A kitten is a big responsibility, one that I didn't realize because I've never really had one.  I got my cat, Ruby, when she was a young adult, so I've never had a furry little beast gnawing on my hair at 4am before.  I think he was having a hard time with me being gone all day and only getting a small amount of attention at the end of the day.  And I was really starting to miss those quiet days with just me and Ruby doing our thing - me painting or blogging and her watching from the chesterfield.

So now Toby resides with a family of six - four children running around the house to keep him busy and well-loved - just how he likes it.


Sarah Williams said...

He is a cutie. But the hair chewing, that's not a normal cat thing. I've had six cats, five from kittens, and none have been hair chewers. But it sounds like he has a good home and is a happy baby

Jen said...

Toby is adjusting just fine...he's actually very calm...for a kitten. The kids are keeping him busy, he's gentle beyond belief and lots of laughs too!