Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Meditations: Upon Encounters

Sunset at Jakkelskloof by mallix
Sunset at Jakkelskloof, a photo by mallix on Flickr.
This morning marked the second Sunday of Advent, where John the Baptist runs about the church yelling: "Repent!"  No, that's not what happened this morning at our service, but it might have livened things up a little.  It kind of feels as though we're dragging.  It feels as though we're losing the excitement of being a community together at one of the greatest community building times of the year.

The sermon was about getting ready for the coming of Christ.  It talked about being open to encountering Him in whatever form He takes - in the many forms He takes.  This is something at which I do not excel.  I can be  judgmental towards things I think might be beneath me.  I can be rude to people I don't necessarily enjoy.  I can be overly sensitive to rude comments that some people make.  

But what if, within each of those instances, was Christ?  What if He were in the thing which I thought was beneath me?  What if He was the person I did not necessarily enjoy?  What if He was the person criticizing my actions?  

What if the focus is taken off me and my actions/reactions and placed on cultivating genuine Interactions?  There will be my Encounter.

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