Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sassy Saturday: What Are You Looking For?

Image by Anka Zhuraleva

Some days I wonder if what I'm doing is enough.  I don't mean quantity - I mean quality.  But then I reassure myself that I'm probably doing what I should be doing, and that I should be happy in that.  Not everyone has a job that they love as much as I do.  I think what I wonder about is if there is something out there that I will love more.

I have been thinking lately that my work isn't very creative, and I would love to have a job that allows for my creative skills to be used to their full potential.  Basically, I'm not getting enough out of just painting when I find the time.  But what are the chances that a creative career will be able to pay the bills - especially in the rural area where I live?

I'm also not someone who goes out looking for something.  I wait.  I think, and wait, and ruminate some more, and then maybe forget that I ever wanted something else in the first place.  But don't we all?  Didn't we all look for something at one point or another, wondering if we could find something of better quality out there - something that uses our skill to its fullest potential?  And then, because we waited, or just got so stuck looking, we never found it and forgot we were ever looking at all?

Wouldn't that be a tragedy?

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