Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

You have to have a twisted, dark, dry sense of humour to enjoy this novel - although I don't necessarily have it, I can still appreciate it.  I liked reading from Eli's point of view since he seemed like the more reliable brother, and everything about Charlie drove me a little batty.  I wish I could have liked this story more, for all the hoopla it garnered.  Something about this book being on all the Can Lit prize lists this year strikes me as a little odd.  DeWitt doesn't even live in Canada anymore, and he wrote a story that has an entirely American identity.  I suppose this is the central problem with a lot of Canadian writers who have moved to the States to pursue their careers.  I think I just have a problem with giving someone a prize of Canadian funds if the money is going to be taken and spent in another country.

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Jules said...

I didn't like this book that much either. I didn't find Eli to be as reliable as you did, but I did like him as a narrator. I've never really thought about the author no longer living in Canada, but receiving a Canadian Centric award - but I wonder if he spends half his time in Canada, because with most awards, you need to be a resident of the country, not just identify your self with it or something among those lines?