Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Meditations: Upon Family

Image taken by me, Upper Canada Village, January 2012

Travelling with your family is always an interesting experience, isn't it?  Anytime when you're in close quarters with people, like a vehicle, you're bound to hear things that surprise you, smell things that gag you, and watch scenery go by that inspires you.  As I get older - and as of this weekend I'm thirty - I'm coming to enjoy the time I spend trapped with my family more than I ever expected I would.  Whenever I go somewhere or do something, I look to them to share the experience.  And when they're not around, I miss it.  When I look at them walking towards the frozen St. Lawrence River in this picture, I can't really tell who is who - but it doesn't matter.  Part of being family is that we're all the same.

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