Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Meditations: Upon Feminism

Image by Megan Christine

As I was scrolling through Pinterest this weekend, I came across a pin that was a link to a blog about homemaking.  It was titled: Raising Homemakers, and the person who saved it said that it was from her favourite blog.  Under the pin, someone had pompously written: "Feminism Fail."  So before I saddled up my high horse and wrote a nasty reply to the feminist moron, I checked out the homemaking blog.  It's a Christian blog about raising children who appreciate the skill it takes to work in the home, and there seem to be a great number of guest posts.  All in all, it's a harmless blog, and I thought it was rather interesting... not at all a failure in propagating feminism.

Is it just me, or is the idea of Feminism getting old?  Or is it that I just wish it would get old?  And since when did teaching children how to be independent in the home become an affront against it?  When I moved away to college at the age of seventeen, I knew how to cook, operate the washer and dryer, clean the washroom.  And it did not make me less of a modern woman.  It made me independent.

Growing up, my mother would spend the weekends with us doing crafty things.  I remember making wreathes, pressing flowers, sewing stuffed animals.  Our Halloween costumes were almost always handmade.  Decorations in the house were more often than not painted by her own hand.  So, I guess she was trying to raise a homemaker, too.  I hope she succeeded.  Because if my upbringing classifies as a "feminism fail," then this is definitely one time I'm cool with being a loser.

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