Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Image by Lissy Elle

I haven't written a Thankful Thursday post in some time.  Mostly because I was having a hard time coming up with positive things to say about my life these days, and rather than being fake about it, I just chose to not even post about it.  But this week, I read a post from Sarah Storer, otherwise known as 'The Naked Redhead.'  She is a woman with opinions who is not afraid to share them, and had something interesting to say about Sally Sunshine blogesses: 

"Does anyone else feel female bloggers trend toward the overly positive in their writing? ... It's easy to hide behind a three sub-header post and exude positivism... even if I'm having a real shitty day... It's not that I want to broadcast all my shitty days to you verbatim... But I do want to be a human being."

I, too, had been noticing the trend in the blogs that I read, and although the blogs I read are more style and decor rather than the personal journals of individuals, it would be nice to see that sometimes things are hard when you're trying to come up with material for publication.  It would be nice to see some "soul puke," as Sarah calls it, once and a while, and how that soul puke lead to something awesome.  

So thanks, Sarah.


Anonymous said...

That is a really good post. And as a reader I agree completely. From food blogs, to lady bloggers, even to my beloved interior design blogs I too find it increasingly difficult to find posts with emotional depth.

That said, your blog has always been very true to your feelings and emotions. You truly are a Thankful Thursday woman, one who appreciates and is thankful for moments in her life even though she will experience diversity and challenge within it. This is well reflected through your choice of pictures and words on Black, White and Lace.


Amy Taylor said...

Love the post today. I think I need to have a good soul puke myself. Thanks for the inspiration/motivation. We'll have to hook up for a cup of tea soon.
Your invisible neighbour,

Melissa said...

Well, anytime you want tea and a soul puke, just ring the doorbell!

Amy said...

We'll make it happen soon, I promise!

Amy said...