Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Artful Wednesday: Inspired Infinity Scarf

Image from PS I Made This

I recently discovered PS: I Made This, and have been so in love with all the projects I plan on doing.  I love the idea of turning clothes that I kinda-sorta like, but don't necessarily wear because of whatever reason, into new things.  It's like going shopping and getting that new accessory without spending a dime.  Who doesn't love that?

For this project, I used an old tank top.  It's actually from Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line, and was a find from a discount warehouse sale.  Seriously.  I couldn't believe my luck that day, and that it actually fit me.  Because the cotton is pretty thin, though, a few little holes wore through and it was no longer presentable in public.  Thus, it got placed on the chopping block, and made into a really cool infinity scarf.

I have a rather large scarf addiction these days.  And making this little one took no time at all.  Just make sure that your scissors are rather sharp.  It also helps to trim off the hemmed edges.  This makes the cotton curl up a little bit more, and look ragged, which is what you're going for.  Also, don't forget to tie knots in the fringe where it meets the main part of the scarf, otherwise it will keep ripping.  

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