Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Artful Wednesday: When the Sibling Gets Crafty

Please forgive the not so clear photo - I think it was done with an Ipod Touch.  

Anyways, last weekend I wasn't feeling too crafty.  I made a boot tray.  Very simple: 1. Buy boot tray;  2. Place on floor;  3. Fill with rocks;  4. Place boots.

The brother, on the other hand, was feeling VERY crafty.  He made himself some old record art.  When I entered the house, I saw him fussing over the oven - which he never uses - and melting some old, scratched records into a bowl.  He'd pry at the edges to shape them more or less wavy.  Then he'd sit them out on the counter to cool.  

Now these melted record bowls are sitting in the living room, waiting for him to figure out where to put them.  He's thinking wall art.  I'm thinking super, glorified potato chip bowl.  Either way, it's pretty cool.


Sarah Williams said...

Those are pretty cool. I'd say display bowl or key bowl, or roll basket.

Karen said...

They make great flower pots too. we made a lot of them with my grandmother years back.