Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman

I have just finished my very first Alice Hoffman novel, and I'm just in love.  I think there's going to be a run on her books at my local library rather shortly!  I currently have another book of hers on my bedside shelf waiting to be read, and by all accounts, it's going to be just as good as this one.

Blackbird House is a collection of short stories that span centuries, but all take place in the same house.  It begins with the tragic story of a sailor and his two sons lost at sea, while his wife lives on to grieve for them; and ends in modern times with a young woman returning to the cottage where she spent the summers with her family.  The real magic, however, is in the writing.  Hoffman writes this as short stories, but you feel so connected to each character - it's the power of the voice she gives them.  I can't wait to get into my second Hoffman novel!


Sarah Williams said...

That's the same way I felt, but I started with The Red Garden. It read like short stories, but they all had to do with the house with the red garden. Now if I find one on the used sale, I snatch it up. Hope you enjoy your next one

Karen said...

I am SO looking forward to reading this book!