Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Foto Friday: My Project List

On my Pinterest account, I have a board where I collect all the little projects I really like and want to do in the future.  Here is a smattering of pojects I plan to take on this Spring - Early Summer.  For the link to images, click here.

 First off, I'd love to make a table-top miniature garden.  I've seen these made with succulents and they look so darn cute.  I love the idea of an old drawer as a planter.

I have a collection of glass insulators (old school power-lines used to have them at the top of the poles) and I'm thinking they'll make a great candle holder.  I'm going to put it out on my balcony though, so it will be more safe from the elements.

 I like the idea of re-purposed clothing.  And since I live in tank tops in the summer, I really like this DIY.  Not sure which t-shirt I'm going to use here - might have to snag one from a brother since I don't really have any that lend itself to this project.  Either way, this would make a cool craft to do with some friends! 

 DIY bath fizzies.  Need I say more?  And it looks so simple to do!  These will make awesome gifts if I get good at it!

I plan to do some major practicing with a sewing machine done this year, and this pencil skirt looks like a simple project to start.  Since pencil skirts are my fave, and I can do them in any pattern, this might be the project I'm looking forward to the most!

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Karen said...

Loving the plantings in a drawer and the repurposed tShirt project. I saved the dovetailed drawers from an old dresser that was falling apart. They have the lovliest pulls on them. The Man thought I should take them off if I'm going to use them for planters, but I say they STAY.