Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Summer Night Balcony-Reading

Right now, I have an enormous list of books on my TBR list (to be read) - and no, these four books are the list, but rather the recent additions.  I think the list is close to 100 books long!  Lately I've been planning my summer reading.  The bulk of my reading happens in the summer.  I have a lovely little lounge that I set out on the balcony, maybe a cool drink and read into the sunset.  I've even arranged an outdoor light this year, so I'll be able to read well into the evening.  Outside reading is the best, isn't it?  In the warm sun, you can almost fall asleep except for that cool glass of (insert summery beverage here) that's shimmering on the table.  In the cool evening, you're focused and immersed.  Either way - they're both the perfect ambiance for reading in a rural town.

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