Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday: Reworking Randy

CBC Radio 2 has this really cool project - well, one of many - that's called "Reworking Randy."  The premise, as you'll soon find out, is a new Canadian musician is asked to cover anything from Bachman's songbook.  Currently, Nikki Yanofsky and Zeus are the other collaborators, but I chose to feature this great artist: Royal Wood.  In the first part of this video - and I hope you stick it out - Randy jams with Royal and his band on one of Royal's songs, which is just magical.  And then... even more magic... Royal covers "She's Come Undun" and Randy says he'll just blend in.  Imagine playing one of his songs while he's in the same room!!  I also suggest checking out the video with Nikki Yanofsky - she covers "These Eyes" and turns it into a sultry duet with Bachman himself.  Awesome.

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Karen said...

I absolutely adore Randy. I never miss his CBC radio program every week. He is such a talented musician.