Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sassy Saturday: Like Cats and Dogs

My parents live in one of those homes with multiple pets.  There's a fish tank with goldfish the size - and  with the constitution of - piranhas.  There's a turtle named George, who when he first arrived at our house, he was the size of a twoonie.  Now he's the size of a dinner plate.   The dog, Rosie, has been at our house for almost eight years.  She spends her day going back and forth between my parent's home, where she's treated like a dog, and my grandmother's home, where she's treated like a baby.

Finally, this past October, arrived my mother's cat.  Part ninja, part sloth, and constantly growing - soon he'll be  bigger than the dog, and then there will be trouble.  And no, he's not hurting the dog, he's just expressing his difference of opinion on hairstyles.

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