Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Artful Wednesday: Jillian Tamaki

I found, quite possibly, the most interesting artistic project ever.  Illustrator and Comic Artist, Jillian Tamaki, was commissioned by Penguin books to design book jackets: Penguin Threads.  The design: done in embroidery!  How fascinating!

Of course, she would have to choose from my favourites of classic literature.  'The Secret Garden' is often a book I turn to in the spring, and this cover jacket is so inspiring.  The attention to detail on her 'Black Beauty' cover is exquisite.  And Emma is made adorable - just as endearing as the story.

Tamaki wrote that the project was rather painstaking, but incredibly worthwhile.  I agree!  It definitely makes my fingers itch to pick up a needle and thread in an unconventional way.


Heather said...

hmm, don't know what happened. i didn't want to be anonymous. would love to see closeups of the stitching of the covers.

Melissa said...

Heather: go to her website and click on "Sketchblog" There are a few close-ups on the post for her book jackets.

Dizzy Lizzie said...

Tghis is so gorgeous! What I would give for a copy of this!