Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Artful Wednesday: Beads and Velvet

You'd be surprised what you can find at the dollar store these days.  Lately, our local shop has the most beautiful coloured pearl beads, already strung and waiting to be worked into a necklace.  I had been holding onto some grey velvet ribbon for a few months, and nothing looks lovelier than the purple-shaded pearls and the soft ribbon.

I use plain old fishing line to string most beads.  It's strong stuff and easy to use.  I chose to have three strands of the pearl beads, and then a length of ribbon to make the necklace.  It's also important to have strong jump rings because the triple strands of beads are heavier than single.

You can make the choice to wrap the crimps at the jump ring, or leave them.  Wrapping the crimps in silver wire does make the necklace look professionally finished, but because the crimps are small, it looks fine without.

Pull a length of ribbon through both rings, and continue until it is as long as you need it to go over your head. Knot the ribbon where the two ends meet, so you'll have double strands of ribbon on either side.

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