Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Artful Wednesday: A Round-Up of Projects

Below is a round-up of sorts of all the projects I've completed over the last few years.  Some are for sale, so if there is any interest you can always contact me.    I think what I like the most is the diversity.  There are some pastels, some watercolours, some acrylics.  I love the farm silhouettes, and the barn window frames.  And even though they're diverse, they are all still very similar - I'm hoping that the similarity is becoming a style.

 A Solitary Sunset

 La Llorona

 Dancing in Fields of Poppies

 Lavender Basket

 Mama's Poppies

 Sunflower Study

Maplehodge Sunset

Clarendon Sunset

Foxtail Sunset

The Harvest Queen

Jagerdale Sunset


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vieveandlynsker said...

Thank you for including me in your blog! It was very nice to meet you and your brother at the Taste of the Valley event. I really love your "window" paintings and you have a very enjoyable blog! I hope we meet again,perhaps, in Cobden.