Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Artful Wednesday: Jennifer Dale Judd

Allow me to introduce to you my dear friend, artist Jennifer Dale Judd.  Her work was featured last weekend, and this upcoming weekend, on the Pontiac Artists' Studio Tour, which happens annually in the region.  I have to say, she's got some of the most amazing artwork on display in her beautiful, beautiful home.

What draws most people to her work is how everyday it is.  You're not staring at the coronation of an ancient king, or blobs of colour mix-mashing on a page - her work is real.  It's in your backyard - or in Jennifer's case: it's in her backyard.  Living on a dairy farm in the country gives her the unique perspective of having inspiring flora and fauna right outside her door.

Interestingly enough, Dale Judd is also sort of my boss, since I spend weekend evenings milking cows on her family farm.  When I found the picture of this lovely little calf, I knew I had to post it.  She's not a lovely little calf anymore but rather one of many milking maids in the dairy barn with whom I spend my Friday nights.

Jennifer's work, along with many other talented artists can still be seen this coming weekend on the Studio Tour, so I hope that readers in the area will be able to check it out.  All of the artists have their work for sale, and it's a great opportunity to buy original art, support local artists, and see one of the most beautiful parts of the country!

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Anonymous said...

Love your work! Captures a feeling that makes you feel good!