Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Meditations: Upon Cyclones

I spent about two hours this evening following the tweets between Neko Case and some random people in an argument over a joke Case retweeted.  It was a harmless joke about a dog.  What got everyone's dander up was the source of the joke:  a comedienne, who a few days before made a totally different joke about the possible fate in jail for Gerry Sandusky.  Soon, everyone was berating Case for being a "rape apologist" and an all around horrible person.  Just goes to show how one person misreading a tweet can cause a cyclone of accusations.

I don't often "soul-puke" on my blog anymore, nor share hard-core opinions about anything.  There's a fine line you've got to walk when you have an "online" personality, and a "work and private life" personality.  Fortunately for Case, she has the testicular fortitude to take a stand for her words.  Am I going to be anything more than general about my private life on my blog?  No.  That's not what this forum is for.  Am I going to be watchful of every single letter I type out?  Absolutely.  You never know who's watching, and what kind of cyclone they'll make.

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