Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Meditations: Upon Vampires

I know this particular topic doesn't really fit the general themes of my blog, but I have to admit that I have a terrible addiction to the TV show, "True Blood," and to the "Sookie Stackhouse" novels.  I've always enjoyed vampires - even in college when it was no longer cool, I was still watching Buffy.  So it's no surprise that when True Blood began, and I had already been a fan of the books, that I'd be completely hooked.  

What is it about supernatural things that intrigue us?  "True Blood" and the novels it's based on aren't just about vampires.  They're full of werewolves, shape-shifters, witches, fairies - basically all the things that go bump in the night.  Maybe that's why: all these creatures are so foreign and far-fetched that we can't help but stretch our mundane imagination a little.  And why not?

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