Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sassy Saturday: Hometown Rules

This evening I read a great post on Apartment Therapy on the 10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town.  It was more relevant to American small towns and certainly more relevant to small towns that are very far away from major cities.  With Ottawa being about an hour away, it's hard to consider myself that deprived, but there are certainly some advantages to small town life.  I've endeavoured to come up with the reasons why I love living in my small hometown.

1.  Even though small-town gossip can be really annoying, it is really nice to be able to walk down the street and say hello to people that you know, inquire about their families and make small talk about the weather, local happenings, etc.  This afternoon, my mother and I swung by the fire station to find out what sent the local department out on call.  These sorts of things might not fascinate everyone, but at least if you ever need to know something, someone will be able to tell you.

2. Shopping locally takes on a whole new meaning.  Chances are, I know the people who are growing my food, if I haven't grown it myself.  I even know the woman who makes my skincare products.  

3. When you're old enough to learn how to drive, there are endless backroads on which to learn.

4.  I don't pay big city prices for housing.  That's probably the greatest luxury.  I won't even mention the ridiculously amazing price I pay for rent in the cutest little apartment with a large balcony overlooking the main street.  But I will mention that the house is a beautiful, red brick, Victorian lady.  It's got Character.

5.  There really is no such thing as a traffic jam. Edit: Unless you're stuck behind a tractor or slow-moving senior.

6.  In the winter time, our streets are usually better plowed than city streets - we've got fewer to take care of.

7.  I can park my car in front of the house with the windows down and the keys in the ignition and not worry about a thing.

8.  When shop owners know you, they do anything to be helpful.  Once, the photo shop's print machine broke down after I had ordered my prints, and I went home empty handed.  About an hour later, the shop owner showed up on my doorstep with my prints free of charge.

9.  Pretty much everything is much within walking distance of each other: home, grocery, pharmacy, post office, hardware shop, variety shop, church, bakery, library... you name it, you can get to it.

10.  When no one is a stranger, people are just friendlier.


Amy said...

Not sure about the no traffic jam thing ;) I've been stuck behind a 40Km/hr driving senior and a tractor once or twice....Just kidding! Loved your post this am!

Karen said...

Loved this post! I'm busy looking for my own Ottawa Valley small town. When it speaks to me, I will move there.