Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Artful Wednesday: Vieve Townsend

Last Saturday, my brother and I went on a quick tour to Renfrew, ON, to see the 'Taste of the Valley' market, which is a farmer's market that crops up in various little towns throughout the season.  We went to one last year and loved it, and knew we'd enjoy this as well.  Aside from the typical farmer's market fare of produce and baked goods were several artists, which leads me to today's post: may I introduce to you Miss Genevieve Townsend.

Her work is very ethereal, magical, and lovely.  She writes that her love of fantasy and interest in the things "that fly and play outside our vision and every day lives" inspire her work.  I must admit, it's my love for all things soft and faerie-like that drew me in to her tent!  I think she and I were friends in another life time, because I remember doodling faerie drawings when I was much younger, and clearly remember a senior-level art project that involved some sort of faerie being!

Vieve's creative spirit goes well beyond canvas.  She makes rings and magnets in the most lovely designs, and I admit to purchasing one similar to the green leaves above.  And the picture below holds a concept of hers which I love: painting in miniatures!  She has translated some of her loveliest concepts onto tiny canvases.  I think this idea is truly ingenious - it makes art more accessible to those who may not otherwise be able to purchase larger pieces.  And one cannot get past how simply sweet they are.

Vieve manages a blog site with her sister, and also has a website with a gallery full of her lovely images.  I hope all can check it out and enjoy.  It seems she will be participating in the next 'Taste of the Valley' event in Cobden, ON, on October 13th.  I know I will definitely be there!

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