Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sassy Saturday: Farmer's Market Lunch Time

This morning while I was still tucked in my bed snoozing, my lovely grandmother went about to the Shawville Farmer's Market.  A very dear friend of hers sells his produce there, and there is a woman who sells the best baked goods in the county, so she came home with a bounty of fresh foods and called me over for lunch.

There is something to be said for that first taste of a locally grown, vine ripened tomato.  It has the most exquisite acidity, but is still sweet.  Sandwiched between two thick slabs of whole wheat bread, toasted and buttered, well friends - there is nothing better.  

We've decided to make a weekly go of this - and surprised we hadn't thought of it til now.  This was also the first week that we've been there early enough to nab a quiche before they're sold out!  Can't beat that kind of goodness when it's only a few blocks down the street.

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Karen said...

Yes, what is it with the quiche? It sells out EARLY at all of the farmers markets I frequent.