Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sassy Saturday: Whitehorse at Neat Coffee House

Tonight, my brother and I attended Whitehorse in concert at Neat Coffee House in Burnstown, ON.  Burnstown is this itty-bitty hamlet - it's literally just four corners - but it's home to two galleries, a gift shop, a restaurant, and Neat - the coffee house, pizzeria and concert hall.

Neat is housed in an old school house - at least the old school house is used for the concerts.  The coffee and food is in an addition that was built on in the 60s.  A wooden porch rings the building for outdoor sitting and dining.  My brother and I have never had better pizza - it's wood-fired.  Serious stuff.

The show was so intimate, so entrancing.  The hall holds about 60 people, and everyone gets a good view.  It was pretty steamy in the hall, though, so for their encore, Melissa suggested that they all move outdoors for the final song, which was an all too fitting: "When the Lights Went Out in Hogtown."  Everyone gathered around the two singers while they belted out the acoustic version amid a hushed crowd and chirping crickets.

This was their second show to promote their new album, "The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss," which I picked up at the show and listened to on the way home.  It's epic.  It boasts rockin-out tunes complimented by softer melodies - it's a complete package - just like the duo.

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