Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Artful Wednesday: David Blackwood

David Blackwood hails from Newfoundland, and his etchings bring forth the drama and history of his home.  He considers himself to be a "visual storyteller" and his work conveys much through a single image.  His talent has garnered him membership into the Order of Canada, and the honour of being the eponymous patron of the University of Toronto's gallery.

What piqued my interest in his work is the image below, titled: 'Black Ice.'  He doesn't glamourize the hardships of Newfoundland's sea-faring history.  He etches with clarity, and even a little mysteriously with his inclusion of the large whale in the ice burg above, and in the depths of the sea below.

Blackwood continues to paint and print, living in Port Hope, Ontario, while maintaining a studio in his hometown of Wesleyville, Newfoundland.  He is not limited to printmaking - I highly recommend exploring his website for his other work.

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