Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Meditations: Upon Neglect

I have seriously neglected this blog!

I have seriously neglected my art!

Although everything else has been on overload!  It's the time of year.  With the local fair over, and new clients at work, my life feels a little like the passing lane on the 401.  I hope it settles down soon, but after looking at my schedule for the week, it's doubtful.

I've never been good at time management.  When I end up burnt-out, wondering why I feel so unfulfilled, that's when I usually clue in that I've neglected something.  I have a painting sitting on the easel - it's been there for a while - and it constantly nags at me to finish it while I'm here.  I suppose I could be doing that right now.  But then when I sit down at the computer to work on lessons plans and learning objectives, I see the Blogger icon on the computer and know that something else is calling my name too.

Who knows... maybe this is the month where I get it figured out?  I've got two commissions with a potential third on the way, and a potential show coming up in the new year.  Maybe this is the time for me to finally figure out how to stop neglecting the things that bring me joy?  Maybe this is the time to figure out how to live in balance, and turn "neglect" into a hardly-used word.

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