Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Artful Wednesday: Amber Alexander

Browsing through Etsy this week, I found some beautiful artwork by Vermont native, Amber Alexander.  Her style is whimsical without losing technical merit.  As soon as I saw the little cameo above, with a little dog who looks just like ours, I new I had to feature her.

Alexander says that her surroundings are beautiful, but moody.  You can see that in her colour choices.  And as a child, she was inspired by the artwork of Beatrix Potter, and when you browse her Etsy site, you'll be able to see that loveliness shine through.

Some of her work is much darker.  It's a sort of dream-scape - the paintings above and below are good examples of that.  I think that shows the mark of a great artist.  She's someone who can paint themes of light or dark, technically correct or liberally abstract.

I love this little painting.  About it, she has written: "From the second she started out that fateful day, Tilly had a feeling that she had bitten off more than she could chew. The Little Teacup was fragile, and the handkerchief sail had been attached only by a tiny dollop of gorilla glue. The skies had changed from a jovial baby blue to an angry Grey. The vengeful winds had torn her sail free with ease. Now it was long gone. Tilly felt a shiver down her spine. "You should have checked the weather reports. You should have used more gorilla glue. You should have brought more corn." Now, as the teacup was tossed here and there, the courage of the tiny chick was tested."

I cannot express how lovely I have found her work to be!  Please check out her Etsy site here, or her Facebook page here,  and enjoy the feast for your eyes!

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