Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Artful Wednesday: Painting Lessons

This evening I invited my little brother to hang out at my place.  He has a PD day tomorrow, so he was free to stay up late, and I figured we hadn't really bonded too much so far this week, it was time for a hang out.  Usually when we hang out at my place, it involves rearranging furniture, paintings, knick-knacks, and yes, we did a little of that.  But then I asked him if he wanted to paint.

He found this cartoon elephant that reminded me of Babar, although he had no idea who that was.  We talked about painting flat colours first, then going back and layering in highlights and shadows.  His drawing of the elephant was so good.  For a copy from his Iphone... that was pretty awesome.  He was such a good student - asking questions and absorbing my guidance and praise.  It's too bad the high school art program wasn't better, otherwise he'd be aces!

I set one of my commissions into its frame and now I have to finish off the back and its done and ready to go to its home.  I like this one a lot, and I'm glad that it's going to someone else.  I had an art teacher once tell me that even if you really really love your work, don't get too attached to it.  You always have to be able to let go.

And this is the one that I painted tonight.  It looks large in the photo, but it's only a mini canvas of 5"x7".  I have this, and another mini canvas that are going to see my friend at his coffee shop to hopefully find their way into someone's Christmas stocking.  This is his second annual "Stocking Stuffer" exhibition.  The premise is affordable art for Christmas presents, and I'm hoping he'll enjoy my two submissions!

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