Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Artful Wednesday: Silhouettes

Last week, while spending some time on my own in the middle of nowhere, I put my time to good use by working on some painting commissions and fun projects.  The painting above is a commission for a friend who is giving it away for a Christmas present.  It has yet to go into a barn window.  And below is a fun, little 5"x7" that took less than an hour.  I loved doing it!

I really needed a break, and it was nice to go somewhere with no TV, no internet, no microwave even!  It was all about me and my time to paint.  I'm thinking that this is something that I'm definitely going to have to more often because it was the most productive I've ever been.

I was trying out some new acrylic paint, and this was much smoother than the paint I had been using before.  I also found out that I'm not especially great at watercolour painting, and I may indeed have to put that on the shelf for a while.  The pastels and acrylics are so much better that it's embarrassing!

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