Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I just made arrangements today to take off for a few days next week.  I mean really take off - completely off the grid.  I'm going to be renting a cottage in the middle of nowhere.  I'll be bringing some good music, some paints, some good food - maybe some good wine - and just unplugging from the world.  I did this before a few years ago when I drove to the East Coast on my own.  Even though I was in constant motion, I still felt like I had fallen off the map for a little while.  Well, this time, it'll be the real deal.


Carrie's Catchall Cachepot said...

I hope it was exactly what you needed! Sounds ideal.

Carrie's Catchall Cachepot said...

Sounds perfect. I hope it was exactly what you needed.