Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sassy Saturday: Out of Commission

I finished the last of three commissions I had to do for Christmas this year.  This particular project was really interesting.  A friend of my step-father has a grandmother who is still living - she must be in her mid to late nineties - and he wanted a project done for her.  His instructions to me were pretty general.  He wanted to have the names and dates of the people in her family tree: parents, husband, and children.  

The final product looks quite lovely.  We went through three panes of glass since two cracked.  I have never used pastel in my barn window paintings before, and pastel requires glass, so we had no way around using glass.  I say "we" because it was quite the family effort.  My brother was chief glass cleaner.  He likes to do that kind of thing.  My step-father and I worked at getting the glass to fit.  We had to do some chiseling.  It wasn't pretty, thus the multiple panes of shattered glass.  My mother and another brother were spectators, and my grandmother - as usual - had her white hat on and was directing the whole process.  

Needless to say, I'll be glad to see this one leave the house.

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