Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Artful Wednesday: Sarah Slean

Yes, you did read the title correctly.  This is not a Music Monday post.  I did, however, recently attend one of Sarah's concerts at my favourite local music hall, and was so pleasantly surprised to see that her artwork was also for sale!  I have known for a while that Sarah Slean paints - she tweeted not that long ago about calling a small set of paints her "travel set," but for some reason, I had never looked into what her art actually looked like!  Silly me!

The first two images in this post are the prints I came home with.  I also had them signed by the most gracious and amazing performer, no, scratch that.  She's just a gracious and amazing human being.  

My brother and I sat in the front row, basically seeing up her nose, and could not believe how dazzling she was.  She looks you in the eye when she performs.  She talks to you as though you're an intelligent listener, not just a body in a seat.  And I believe that's how she paints as well: as though we are intelligent viewers, not just a pair of eyes.

There are many more prints available for sale on her website, which is lovely to look at, let me tell you.  

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