Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Meditations: Upon Group Effort

I had set aside the brush for a bit - mostly because I lacked the motivation to do it.  But, there's an annual exhibition starting next Saturday that I participate in, and I wanted to make a very different kind of contribution.  

The theme of the exhibition is coffee bag art.  Local artists are given a burlap coffee sack, with the simple instructions to "do something."  Last year, I used the burlap to cover canvas, and put it into an old barn window, and painted a sunset scene with a girl in a field.  Shocking, I know.  It was a huge success though, and my first commercial sale.  I was ecstatic.  

I'm sticking with what I know and doing yet another silhouette theme.  But when this is completed, it's going to be more different than anything I've ever created.  It's going to be an ottoman.  The base is made from a small tire covered in jute twine, and legs propping it up.  It's going to be awesome!

And it couldn't have been done without a big contribution from everyone in my family.  My step-dad cut out the circle that got covered in the burlap, and he also gave me the tire.  My brother helped glue the twine, and was sort of the brain child for the concept.  He often plays the brain-child role, oddly enough.  And, of course, not many artistic endeavours get done at my home without the guidance of my mother.  This is the first project that has really taken all four of us to do, and it's kinda to be able to say it was a group effort.

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