Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Artful Wednesday: Sunrise Ottoman

Who ever invented Pinterest should be given a castle and a devoted retinue to care for their every whim.  I often wonder what I'd do without it now that it's something I use every day.

This brings me to my latest artistic endeavour - which I've already posted required a group effort from the entire family.  The above picture is the finished product.  It's an ottoman made from a tire, wrapped in jute twine.  Inside the tire are blocks of wood for stability, and something for the legs to be screwed into.  

My piece is going to be featured in the Beyond the Bag exhibition at Art Brulant Impressions, which is now an annual exhibition to celebrate the gallery's anniversary.  There are a few of us Pontiac artists who are contributing, and now that I am getting better acquainted with everyone, it's so much fun to participate in group shows like this.

The Vernissage for the exhibition is on May 4th from 1-4pm.  For any information about the gallery and the show, check out the Art Brulant webpage.

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