Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sassy Saturday: After the Hiatus

As I'm sure you could tell, I took a bit of a blog hiatus.  Many apologies if you are a frequent reader - life has been a little busy.  Life may have been busy, but unfortunately there was something I was seriously neglecting: painting!!

There is an opportunity coming up in mid July to sell some art at an Artisan Market near my hometown, so my mother and I decided to put our talents together and participate.  My mother makes beautiful fused-glass pendants, plates, candle-holders and the like.  I'm painting some miniature canvases - the one above is only 3" x 5" - and framing them in simple black.  I'm sure the end product will be lovely.  The picture above is the in progress.  I'm hoping to get to the silhouette later today.  I've ambitiously decided to paint about a dozen of these!  Mostly silhouettes, as that's something I do rather well.

Now hopefully I'll get back to regular posting!

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