Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thankful Thursday

This evening, we spent an hour at the Vernissage for the Pontiac High School Art Show, of which my brother was a participant.  Although he's not in the Fine Arts program at school, he does a great deal of art at home with my mother and me, and was able to show some of his work from home-study.  Since my mother has become a fused-glass enthusiast - so has my brother.  I often wonder why he's so interested in fused-glass, but he has really taken to it and learned a lot from experimenting, and trial and error.

The most amazing thing about tonight wasn't the art on the walls, but the spectators.  Most of the people who came through the doors were family members - or close friends - of my brother, who came to support him and share in the fun.  When you think about it, how many fourteen year old boys these days can inspire people in the community to come out and see what artistry he's been making?  I'm proud of the lad, but shhhh... don't tell him.  It'll swell his head.

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