Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I always knew my grandfather - seated on the left - was a very special man.  He was damn near perfect, if you ask me.  Today  my mom shared this amazing story about something that he and his father did that made me admire him even more.

My great-grandfather (my grandfather's dad) was a Shriner.  There was a boy living in a neighbouring community who had a clubbed foot, and his parents had difficulties getting him to treatment in Montreal.  So, his parents would take him to my great-grandparents' house and the boy would spend the night there, and my great-grandfather would drive the boy and his father to the Shriner's Hospital in Montreal in the morning.  Back in the late forties, that was a rather big trip to be taking.  And this had happened on several occasions while the boy had many surgeries to repair his foot. 

My grandfather has been gone many years now, but my mother told me that the boy - grown up and an older man himself - went to my grandfather's funeral and told my mother that he never forgot the kindness of my grandfather while staying with him over night.  Because of the boy's physical disability, he had no friends.  And my grandfather, being the wonderful young man that he was, took the time to play with the boy and made him feel special.  It was something he remembered all his life.

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Julia said...

No act of kindness is ever forgotten- God bless your great grandfather & grand-dad too-