Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Meditations: Upon Milling About

My brother and I spent the day milling about my apartment, setting things up and moving things around. We put up old drawers as display shelves in my spare room - the drawers came from the attic above our old garage, and my grandmother doesn't even know from where they originated. The garage was first built to house the oil delivery trucks for the Imperial Oil business my great-grandfather started in 1929. We figure it's been at least 40 years since oil trucks were kept there, but the building still smells heavily of oil - and therefore everything else in the building. 

So the shelves are in place with lots of cool knick-knacks upon them. We also moved some furniture around in the living room and kitchen... and my bedroom for that matter. And, because the brother has March break this week, he's staying at my place tonight for fun. Sibling night in onesies - now if I can just find out how to make him stop talking so much. 

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