Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Meditations: Upon Being a Bad Blogger

I tried my darnedest back in March to get back into regular blogging.  Here I am at the end of April and we can see how well that's gone.  It's kinda like my painting habits lately.  Above is "Summer Storm," my submission for Art Brulant's annual exhibition using burlap coffee sacks.  I was originally going to put it in a window frame, but when the frame went in front, it cut off the trees, and part of the lightning.  So it's going to be a very rustic submission.  Not my usual, that's for sure.  Hopefully it ends up being alright.
It has somewhat inspired me to get back on the ball and finish some paintings that have been taking extended vacations while I puttered at this one.  Stay tuned.

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Sara said...

I like the painting just the way it is. To add a frame would take away from the scene. Instead, as it is, I feel the crackle of the lightning and the cool air as the storm moves towards the field.

I can't believe you painted this on burlap coffee sacks. Burlap is a difficult cloth to do anything with. It's impressive.